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Wanyja Mankarr

In one of the most remote parts of Australia live some rare and threatened animals. One such animal is the bilby. Once common across Australian deserts, the bilby is now endangered. Its last stronghold in the wild is on Martu country. Martu rangers are working with Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa to look after country and the bilby’s habitat by using a combination of Martu and whitefella ways.

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Warru (Black-flanked rock wallaby) Project

In a remote part of Western Australia lives an endangered species of rock wallaby. Although known to the local Martu people, this population of endangered species was one of the last known populations in the Western Desert. Constantly hunted by feral predators, particularly wild cats and foxes, the rock wallabies were in danger of disappearing all together. This documentary shows rangers at work establishing a new colony of rock wallabies to help secure their survival for the future.

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