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Wama Wangka — talking about alcohol

Most Martu and their communities have been directly affected by the consumption of alcohol. There are few resources, however, that are designed to address the unique cultural, social and linguistic challenges faced by Martu in WA’s remote Western Desert. Wama Wangka (Martu’s version of Alchoholics Anonymous) is providing an opportunity for people to talk about their experience of alcohol abuse and make plans to combat these issues themselves.

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Kakarra not Yapurra

“We don’t want to send anyone to yapurra (west, to prison) and want everyone to be kakarra (east, to Martu homelands) where they can live in paradise with their ancestors.” — MLP mentor, Butler Landy

In 2017, participants from the Martu Leadership Program were involved in a three-day camp to talk about the criminal justice system. Over 100 people were present, including key law agencies, departments and organisations. Everyone was keen to explore new methods within the criminal justice system that would give better outcomes for Martu and the broader community.

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Martu Leadership Program

The Martu Leadership Program (MLP) started in 2014 with men, then late 2016 with women. This short movie captures what the program means to participants. Annabell Landy says that by learning and focussing, she can be a role model for people in her community; while Clifton Girbirba explains the importance to teach white law to people, because it’s “two laws colliding”. Explore the evolution of the MLP through the stories of the Martu who have been involved.

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